New Professorships Department Website

UZH Center, Künstlergasse (UZH; Manfred Richter)
UZH Center, Künstlergasse (UZH; Manfred Richter)
UZH Zentrum Künstlergasse

The Professorships Department website has undergone a complete overhaul in recent months, and is now streamlined and clearly structured, with its own distinct profile.

We have now added a «Welcome» section to the information we provide. It looks into the most important aspects of living and working at UZH and in Zurich. What’s more, you’ll also find a guide to the appointment procedure at UZH, and a chart showing the individual stages of that process.

The German content went online on 15 May 2018, and the English pages will be rolled out up to the end of the year.