Dual Careers & Integration

UZH as an Employer

The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland’s largest university, with a leading position in the European Research Area. In the scope of its professorial appointment procedures, UZH recruits outstanding academics from around the world and offers them first-rate conditions.

For universities today, services such as support for dual career couples bring key advantages in attracting staff. These services are also available across international borders.

Membership in the Swiss Academic Dual Career Network (S-ADCN)

UZH is a founding member of S-ADCN, the network of Swiss universities and research institutions supporting dual career couples. Member organizations set out their commitment to providing services for dual career couples in a letter of intent. Developing individual solutions and best practices for dual career couples are among the declared goals of S-ADCN. swissuniversities, the umbrella organization of Swiss universities, officially recognized S-ADCN as a network of swissuniversities in September 2019.

Membership in the International Dual Career Network (IDCN)

Since 2016, UZH has been a corporate member of IDCN, a global non-profit network formed as a result of collaborations between international companies, academic institutions and NGOs. Its aim is to support highly qualified partners of new staff moving from abroad as they integrate into the local job market. In networking events, the corporate members introduce themselves as employers, provide useful information on job search or give practical advice on how to apply for jobs. An active IDCN LinkedIn group complements the networking offer.

What the Professorships Department Offers

The Professorships Department is committed to ensuring that the partners of newly appointed professors are also able to continue their careers after moving to Switzerland. The needs and concerns of the couples are already addressed during the appointment negotiations and the possibilities and limits of support are clarified at an early stage.