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Professorships Department

Appointment Procedure


Professorial appointments are one of the key elements in how UZH manages its affairs. By appointing outstanding academics and scientists, UZH contributes significantly to its own reputation and development, in addition to helping to advance the quality of research and teaching.

The Professorships Department guides and supports future professors throughout the procedure.

This description of the appointment procedure is intended to increase transparency and to explain the roles played by all of the parties involved. It is aimed at those who are part of the procedure, at applicants, and at members of the general public who are interested.

Explanations of the individual steps in the process can be found in the «Flow Chart of the Appointment Procedure» document (download).


Flow chart of the appointment procedure (see process description for explanations)

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Categories of Professorships


All guidelines are available in the UZH's collection of legal documents (→ link) and in Axioma (UZH access only):

Guidelines on Selection Procedures

Guidelines on Professorial Positions

Guidelines on Appointment Recommendations

Guidelines on Promotion Recommendations

Guidelines on Extension Requests

To support the drafting of German summaries (optional):


Template Appointment Recommendations

Template Promotion Recommendations

Template Extension Requests

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