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Professorships Department

WWPK – Witwen-, Waisen- und Pensionskasse der Professorinnen und Professoren der UZH

The WWPK is the pension fund for UZH professors who were appointed prior to 16 April 1989. They are subject to the old Ruhegehaltsverordnung ordinance governing pensions for professors at UZH.

The WWPK was founded as a cooperative in 1901 by the professors at UZH. It has had the legal form of a foundation since 1 January 2013. Furthermore, the WWPK has been a closed fund since 1 February 2017. It funds its financial obligations exclusively from the foundation assets and the income they generate.


The WWPK insures UZH professors emeriti, and their families and survivors, against the financial consequences of old age, disability, and in the event of death. The foundation may offer benefits which exceed the statutory minimum, and may also provide financial support in hardship cases.


The Board of Trustees is the most senior body within the WWPK, with responsibility for fulfilling its statutory remit. It is supported by the management of the foundation, which is provided by the Professorships Department on behalf of the Executive Board of the University. 

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Professorships Department

Daniel Jud, Dep. General Manager, WWPK

Phone: +41 44 634 20 23

WWPK Board of Trustees

(Period of office: 01.01.2022–31.12.2025)

Prof. em. Dr. Robert H. Gassmann

Prof. Dr. Thomas Gächter


Prof. em. Dr. Andreas Pospischil
Prof. em. Dr. Hans Weder
Prof. em. Dr. Andreas Fischer

Dipl. Ing. ETH Stefan Schnyder
Prof. Dr. Leander D. Loacker

WWPK Management

Jörg Kehl, General Manager

Daniel Jud, Dep. General Manager

Further Information on the Pension Fund / Retirement Planning