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Professorships Department


UZH attaches great importance to protecting the health of its staff and ensuring their wellbeing. This is accordingly stated in the UZH mission statement.

Advice for Newly Appointed Professors at UZH

The Swiss healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Although it is similar to those in its neighboring countries, it differs on a number of key points. The Institute of Primary Care at UZH offers newly appointed professors an initial personal briefing to help them navigate through the Swiss healthcare system.

The institute will also be happy to assist if you have any medical issues or questions on who to contact within the healthcare system in Zurich, or for any general questions.

Whether the Academic Sports Association Zurich (ASVZ), the Graduate Campus, Psychological Counseling Services or the Disability Office, all of these services and further institutions and organizational units are firmly committed to developing and maintaining healthy structures and working conditions for each member of staff at UZH.

University Health Management (UHM) at UZH runs the health portal and organizes health-related campaigns.