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Professorships Department

Pension Fund / Retirement Planning

UZH is subject to the Swiss social security system. Where pensions are concerned, this is based on a three-pillar system consisting of the state pension (pillar 1), occupational pension provision (pillar 2), and personal pension schemes (pillar 3).

AHV/IV/EO (pillar 1) is the mandatory state pension. It is intended to ensure a subsistence-level income in old age.

Occupational pension provision (pillar 2), also referred to as pension fund, is also mandatory. It is intended to maintain a person’s current standard of living after they retire (when added to their pillar 1 pension).

UZH professors are insured with the BVK occupational pension fund, with the VSAO pension fund or with the WWPK foundation. 

Personal pension schemes (pillar 3) are optional. Here, personal savings are used to close any gaps in pension provision that are not covered by pillars 1 and 2.

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Professorships Department
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