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Professorships Department

Continuing Education

Specific continuing education programs for professors

Continuing education at UZH covers a wide range of degree programs and courses, as well as university-level teaching and internal training programs. This includes the UZH Leadership and Governance Academy, which forms an integrative structure for continuing education and consulting services for UZH leaders and managers. The Academy also offers continuing education and consulting services developed specifically for professors.


Onboarding day for newly appointed professors

Leadership competencies

Leadership program for professors

UZH leadership dialogue for professors with additional leadership functions (in German)

H.I.T. program

Organisation and administration

Administrative German for professors

General continuing education programs for professors and employees in management positions

In addition to the continuing education programs aimed specifically at professors, UZH offers a wide range of continuing education opportunities aimed at all employees with management responsibilities:

Higher education and research management courses

Continuing Education and Training Courses from the HR Department

UZH Leadership Development Program (in German)

CAS «Leadership und Governance an Hochschulen» (in German)

Continuing Education in University Teaching an Learning

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UZH Leadership and Governance Academy

The newly developed continuing education program is oriented towards the specific activities of professors and the institutional characteristics of UZH.