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Professorships Department



Please observe the following requirements when submitting an application for funding to the Hochschulstiftung foundation:

The application must be submitted to the governing body of the faculty responsible in the form of a letter containing a summary of the reasons for the application, and the amount that is being requested. The following appendices must also be enclosed:

– The program for the event
– The budget, listing all expected expenditure and income items in full (e.g. expected financial support)


Once the application has been submitted to the governing body of the faculty responsible, it will pass through the following stages:

  1. The faculty responsible will draw up a formal opinion for submission to the Hochschulstiftung.
    Please note: The Hochschulstiftung will not consider the application unless the faculty is in favor of it. Consideration does not mean that the application is automatically approved, however.
  2. Review by the Hochschulstiftung (approval or rejection).

  3. Order issued by the Canton of Zurich Department of Education. This order is then sent on by the Professorships Department.
    – The original goes to Renata Sieber at UZH Financial Services
    – A copy goes to the applicant
    – A second copy goes to the dean’s office responsible.

  4. Receipt of the grant award: To receive the grant that has been awarded, please contact UZH Financial Services, Renata Sieber, within six months:
    Phone: +41 (0)44 634 21 14 or
    Please quote WBS element (F-XXXXX-XX-XX) to have the money transferred.

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Professorships Department

Susanne Kammerer

Phone: +41 44 634 20 21