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Professorships Department


Information on what to do if you have an accident, as well as relevant accident reporting forms and a guide to accident insurance, can be found on the Human Resources website under Working Hours and Absences.

Professors are asked to send the completed and signed form directly to the Professorships Department. If you are unable to work for more than three days, you must also include a medical certificate, or submit one as soon as you can. Furthermore, the absence must be brought to the attention of the dean's office.

UZH’s policy number with AXA Versicherungen AG can be found here (scroll  down).

Once it has received the accident report, AXA Versicherungen AG will notify the person concerned in writing of the precise claim number which must be quoted in future correspondence (e.g. in the event of further invoices). If you have any questions, please contact AXA Versicherungen AG directly (phone number +41 52 218 91 97).

Continued Pay

If a professor is unable to work as a result of an accident, their previous full salary will continue to be paid. Accident insurance will reimburse UZH a share of the salary costs. These daily indemnities are credited to the cost center of the person concerned, and may for example be used to cover the costs of a substitute. The duration of the continued salary payments is governed by cantonal law.

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Professorships Department

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