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Professorships Department

Unpaid Leave

Professors at UZH may apply for unpaid leave.

What To Do

Applications for unpaid leave must be submitted to the Executive Board of the University via official channels. They must include comprehensive details of deputization arrangements, especially where teaching is concerned. Professors with a clinical role must include the approval of the hospital or clinic management concerned along with their application.

Impact on Accident Insurance and Risk Cover from the BVK Pension Fund

Depending on the duration of the unpaid leave, accident and risk insurance cover with the BVK and VSAO pension funds may be suspended. Professors have the option of extending their accident cover for up to six months by negotiating interim insurance.

Risk cover can be maintained for up to two years with BVK and VSAO. BVK must receive the application at least one month before the start of the unpaid leave.

The Professorships Department informs the persons concerned about the possibility of continued insurance cover or encloses the relevant registration forms when sending out the unpaid leave orders. In all cases, premiums must be paid before the unpaid leave begins.

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Professorships Department

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