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Professorships Department

Lump Sum Payment

Lump-sum payment orders

Please fill out the form "Lump-Sum Payment Order" (Auszahlungsauftrag Pauschalzahlungen), sign it and send it to Maria Marciello or Daniela Gottschling.

Lump-Sum Payment Order (PDF, 233 KB) (in German)

Fact Sheet on Lump-Sum Payments (PDF, 30 KB) (in German)

Settling lump-sum payments

Lump-sum payments for professors through the Professorships Department are settled as follows:

In general: Lump-sum payment orders received by the Professorships Department by the end of the current month (date of receipt!) are paid out in the following month if possible – depending on the workload/availability of staff and the quality/completeness of the submitted forms.

End of the year: For lump-sum payments to be processed and paid out in the current year, they must be received by the Professorships Department no later than 19 November (date of receipt!).

Please note: Incomplete and incorrectly filled out forms cause additional work and may even be returned to the sender.

If you have not yet received an expected lump-sum payment, please be patient and wait until the following month before contacting the Professorships Department (salary administration: Ms. Marciello/Ms. Gottschling, see separate contact details).

Please be sure to read the above information and follow the instructions carefully – in doing so you are helping us to process lump-sum payments much more efficiently, which in turn means you will receive your payment quicker.

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Daniela Gottschling
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