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Professorships Department

Lunch Checks

At the beginning of 2018, the Lunch Check scheme was extended to cover UZH professors. The Lunch Check card can be used at any time, seven days a week, as a means of payment in a wide variety of restaurants and cafés throughout Switzerland.

Meal Subsidies

Professors working full time receive a monthly meal allowance of CHF 250. This amount is split 50:50 (CHF 125) between UZH and the employee. The meal subsidy is reduced on a pro-rata basis for those working part time.

Leaving UZH

The Lunch Check card remains valid until you have used up all of the credit on it, even after you are no longer employed at UZH. It is not possible to have residual credit paid out. Your data will be deleted 12 months after reaching a final balance of zero.

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