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Professorships Department

BVK Pension Fund

UZH insures its professors normally with the Canton of Zurich’s BVK pension fund. The exception are SNSF assistant professors, who have received their professorship before 2019. They are insured with VSAO. The Professorships Department will register you on your behalf.

BVK pays benefits on the grounds of age, disability and death for active insureds and pensioners.

Pension Statement

All BVK insured persons receive an annual pension statement showing the development of their personal savings capital with BVK. You will find all information regarding your pension statement on the interactive platform myBVK.

Pension Calculators

You can access BVK’s pension calculator on myBVK as well as the UZH pension calculator, both of which you can use to simulate a variety of future financial scenarios. This can help you estimate your target pension in retirement, for example.

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Professorships Department
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Phone: +41 44 634 20 24

BVK Pension Calculator