Dual Careers

UZH as an Employer

The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland’s largest university, with a leading position in the European Research Area. In the scope of its professorial appointment procedures, UZH recruits outstanding academics from around the world and offers them first-rate conditions. (Strategic Goals 2020: Strategic Goal 3)

What the Professorships Department Offers

The Professorships Department is committed to ensuring that the partners of newly appointed professors are also able to continue their careers after moving to Switzerland. The needs and concerns of the couples are already addressed during the appointment negotiations and the possibilities and limits of support are clarified at an early stage.

Continuing a professional career in a new environment requires time to build up a new network and to familiarise oneself with the local labour market, curiosity and not least the willingness to learn German. The Professorships Department offers support here by

  • providing orientation on the regional labour market,
  • showing strategies for job search and career development and,
  • providing information on professional organisations an networks.

In addition to career prospects, «soft facts» also play a crucial role in the couples' decision to move, for example, whether both partners can imagine becoming at home at the new location and whether they will find the infrastructure they both need. The decision to move is therefore based on the housing market, the leisure value of the region or factors relevant to the family, such as schools or childcare facilities. You will find helpful information on these and other topics on the webpage «Living in Zurich».

The following offers a good opportunity to establish professional contacts:

International Dual Career Network (IDCN)

Other Services

The UZH/ETH Language Center offers German courses specifically aimed at newly appointed professors from abroad and their partners.

Overview of German as a foreign language courses

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