Housing search

Two-thirds of people in Switzerland live in a rented home. When looking for the right apartment for you, it helps enormously to understand how the housing market works.

There is high demand for housing in large urban areas such as Zurich, and rents can vary significantly depending on region and location. As a general rule, there is higher demand for apartments in the city center, so they are more expensive than those in suburban areas. However, the excellent transport network means that even less central locations are easy to reach within a reasonable commuting time.

Real Estate Platforms

Vacant housing – both apartments and houses – is offered primarily via the internet, where specialist agencies run databases offering homes for rent and to buy.

Temporary Furnished Apartments

Anyone looking initially for a temporary furnished apartment can check the website of the UMS (Untermietservice Schweiz) sub-letting service

UZH Housing Service

UZH also has 25 furnished apartments in the City of Zurich, most of which are located close to the University. These can provide a good transitional solution for newly appointed professors or those currently undergoing the professorial appointment procedure.

Further Providers

The majority of newspapers and official gazettes also publish apartment and other property ads. In addition, some communes keep a list of vacant apartments.