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Living Costs

Living costs in Switzerland are among the highest in the world, but the purchasing power afforded by high salaries means that they remain affordable. 

An individual’s particular living costs depend on their personal needs and activities. To give you a better idea of average monthly costs, we have prepared ten sample budgets.

The following fact sheets present the cost of living in Switzerland. Each fact sheet represents a separate living model. How much is left over from the gross wage and how the cost of living is structured accordingly depends on it.

Fact Sheets: Living Costs in Switzerland (PDF, 316 KB)

This does not take into account personal expenses for vacations, supplementary insurance, a private car or major purchases.

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Further Sample Budgets

Examples for a range of incomes and personal circumstances (couples and single people with or without children).

Basket of Goods CH 2021

Average Basket of Goods in Switzerland, 2021

More about Average Basket of Goods in Switzerland, 2021

The infographic shows the average basket of goods for private households in Switzerland in 2021.

Legend: The average Swiss household spends around 27 % of its budget on housing, and around 12 % on food.


Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO), national consumer price index (CPI) (German version only)