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Professorships Department

Termination of Non-Work-Related Accident Insurance (NBU)

Under the terms of your employment as a professor at UZH, you are insured against the consequences of accidents at the workplace (work-related accidents) and during your leisure time (non-work-related accidents). Cover for non-work-related accidents applies only if you work at least eight hours a week. Leaving UZH’s service also means the end of your mandatory accident insurance cover for non-work-related accidents. It lapses exactly 31 days after the day on which you cease to be entitled to draw a salary (Art. 3 para. 2 Accident Insurance Act, UVG) Entitlement to a salary generally ends on the date you leave.

Employer’s Duty to Inform

The Professorships Department will notify you in writing in good time before the end of your employment at UZH of the forthcoming loss of accident insurance cover, and also remind you that you must inform your health insurer accordingly (Art. 10 para. 1 Health Insurance Act, KVG).

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Professorships Department

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