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Professors at UZH retire at the end of the semester in which they reach the age of 65 (§ 51 para. 1 UZH Employment Ordinance, PVO-UZH).

Pension fund (BVK or VSAO)

Retiring professors can choose between receiving a monthly retirement pension from the pension fund or having the retirement capital (or part of it) paid out.

Registration with the BVK Pension Fund is carried out by the Professorships Department. Persons insured by the VSAO Pension Fund will be contacted directly by the VSAO. You can obtain detailed information on your retirement benefits from your pension fund (BVK or VSAO).

Drawing the AHV retirement pension

The AHV retirement pension is not paid automatically. The professor must apply for it from SVA Zurich (Social Insurance Office of the Canton of Zurich), ideally five to six months before retiring. You can access the form and get further information on registering directly from the SVA.

Early Retirement

It is also possible for professors to take early retirement on request. If they leave the university after their 60th birthday and before the end of the semester after turning 65, this is treated by UZH and the pension fund (BVK or VSAO) as early retirement and a monthly retirement pension or (part of) the retirement capital will be paid out.

The Executive Board of the University must be notified of the early retirement two years in advance (§ 52 para. 2 PVO-UZH).

Professors who immediately take up a new position after leaving UZH early can have their vested benefits transferred to the pension fund of their new employer. If they do so, however, all of their entitlements vis-à-vis the BVK or the VSAO will lapse.

After Retirement

Even after they have retired, professors remain members of UZH and their former faculty. They continue to be invited to Senate meetings, albeit without the right to vote or to be elected.

There are a number of things to note when you retire from UZH. The following sections provide information on these individual areas.

Continued Use of the "Professor" Title

Keeping Your UZH Account

Keeping Your UZH Card

Farewell Lecture

Termination of Non-Work-Related Accident Insurance

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