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Professorships Department

Consulting Contracts


Professors at the University (UZH) and the University Hospital Zurich (USZ) often enter into consulting and speaker contracts in a personal capacity as a form of secondary employment. Certain contracting partners require confirmation from UZH or USZ, as primary employer, that it consents to the contract. UZH does not confirm the contract, but merely takes note of it and confirms that secondary employment is permitted. This confirmation can be supplied only if the contract complies with the statutory requirements and guidelines on secondary employment, as well as the rules which govern inventions and work that is protected by copyright.


Basic principles

Please note that consulting and speaker contracts are concluded exclusively in your own name and therefore must not contain any reference to your activities at UZH or USZ. Only your private data (private address, private e-mail address, etc.) must be included in the contracts. Mention of your function at UZH or USZ (e.g. clinic director) is not permitted.


The conditions to be complied with vis-à-vis UZH and USZ are set out in the accompanying Declaration concerning consulting contracts/speaker activities (in German).


Neither UZH nor USZ review personal consulting and speaker contracts. Whether the private contract reflects the interests and rights of the professor and of UZH as the employer is therefore their responsibility. After receiving the contract, UZH issues a declaration acknowledging the contract and giving its consent to the performance of the consulting or lecturing activities as secondary employment.

Liability insurance cover

Please note that your employer policy does not afford you liability insurance cover for secondary employment that you arrange yourself. You must take out your own professional liability insurance in this regard.


The procedure for consulting an speaker contracts is as follows:

  1. The professor sends the contract for consulting or speaker activities for a company py post to the Professorships Department:

    University of Zurich (UZH)
    Professorships Department
    Ms. Susanne Kammerer
    Künstlergasse 15
    CH-8001 Zürich
  2. Based on the contract submitted, the Professorships Department issues the Declaration concerning consulting contracts/speaker activities and sends it to the professor together with the contract for further use.

Weiterführende Informationen

«Declaration concerning consulting contracts/speaker activities» form

Professors (excluding adjunct professors)

If you have any questions about your secondary employment, please contact one of the following offices:


Professorships Department
Jörg Kehl
Phone: +41 44 634 20 21


Corporate Compliance USZ
Sabine Geiger, lic. iur. RA
Phone: +41 44 255 46 88

Other UZH Employees

If you have any questions about your secondary employment, please contact Human Resources directly:

Other USZ Employees

If you have any questions about your secondary employment, please contact directly Sabine Geiger, lic. iur. RA, Chief Corporate Compliance USZ:

Phone: +41 44 255 46 88

Questions on Intellectual Property


Phone: +41 44 634 44 01

Legal basis

In particular, the following rules shall apply: