Professors who are absent as a result of illness for more than five (5) working days are asked to submit a medical certificate to the Professorships Department as soon as possible.

If an absence owing to illness lasts for longer than one month, a new medical certificate must be submitted at the beginning of each month.


In the case of appointments funded by UZH and third parties, UZH will refund the costs of organizing a substitute to cover absences of one month or more.  The reimbursement must be discussed between the organizational unit concerned and Human Resources. In each case, the Professorships Department will confirm the inability to work on which the reimbursement is based.

Continued Pay

If a professor is unable to work as a result of illness, their previous full salary will continue to be paid, in accordance with the length of time that they have worked up to that point. The duration of these continued salary payments is governed by cantonal law.