Maternity Leave / Parenthood

Maternity Leave

Female employees at UZH are entitled to 16 weeks of paid maternity leave, which may begin no more than two weeks prior to the baby’s due date, as determined by a doctor.

Up to two weeks before the baby’s birth, a pregnancy-related absence is treated as sick leave. The final two weeks of a pregnancy-related absence before the birth are treated as part of maternity leave. In such cases, paid leave after the birth is 14 weeks.

What To Do

  1. The Professorships Department must be notified as soon as possible, in writing, of the birth, stating the date of birth and name of the child. This can be done by e-mail, and can also be sent by your office or another party. Maternity leave will then be formally granted in a letter from the President.
  2. The application for maternity pay (UZH Login) (in german) form must be submitted as soon as possible, with the necessary enclosures, to the Professorships Department. The required documentation includes a copy of the birth certificate or official Swiss family record book, as well as a copy of the mother’s passport or ID. Other documents may also be required, as stated on the application form.

Continued Pay

The previous full salary will continue to be paid during maternity leave. Maternity insurance will reimburse UZH a share of the salary costs. The daily indemnity paid by maternity insurance is credited to the professor’s cost center, and may be used to cover the costs of a substitute.

Paternity Leave

UZH-appointed professors who become fathers are entitled to five working days of paid leave upon the birth of their own child. This paternity leave must be taken before the child’s first birthday.

You are also entitled to one month of unpaid leave during your child’s first year. When arranging the timing and distribution of unpaid leave, operational needs should be taken into consideration where possible.