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Professorships Department

Starting Work

A warm welcome to UZH as you begin your professorial appointment!

To enable us to register you in the system correctly, we need certain personal details from you (full name, date of birth and address, for example, as well as any entitlement to child allowances, and your employment history to date). Please complete the  form Supplementary Personal Details (PDF, 361 KB) (in German), and send it with the necessary enclosures to Maria Marciello.

As soon as we have registered you in the system, we can start the process of opening your UZH account, which will allow you to use UZH’s IT services.

UZH Account

At the same time, we can start the process of producing your UZH Card – your UZH staff ID.

UZH Card

Weiterführende Informationen

“Supplementary Personal Details” Form (German)

Notification for filling in the form

1) Download empty PDF-form (right mouse click on the link to the PDF) and save it on your computer.

2) Open the saved file with the program Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

You can download the program free of charge here: