International Dual Career Network

The Professorships Department actively supports the partners of newly appointed professors at UZH with job-seeking and settling down in their new home.

UZH has been a corporate member of the  International Dual Career Network (IDCN) since August 2016. The IDCN is a non-profit association formed as a result of collaboration between companies, academic institutions and NGOs. Its aim is to support highly qualified partners of new staff moving from abroad as they integrate into the local job market and find employment. The IDCN has been active in the Zurich area since 2012.

Video of the Zurich area IDCN, 2016

IDCN information for new members (PDF, 1079 KB)

IDCN Events and Career Forums

Throughout the year, the IDCN and its corporate members organize a range of full-day IDCN events and half-day IDCN career forums in different locations. These events give the partners an opportunity to:

  • Collect useful information on how best search for jobs in the region
  • Meet with representatives from the corporate members
  • Receive practical tips and guidance from HR professionals on how to prepare for and organize their job search in the most effective and impactful manner, and
  • Build relationships and networks.

Partners of newly appointed international UZH professors and academic staff are encouraged and warmly invited to participate and attend these events. Advance registration is required.

Partner registration