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Professorships Department


Basic Principles

The salaries of UZH professors are based on the principles and the salary system of general employment law. The employment ordinance of the University of Zurich (PVO-UZH) regulates the classification into the various pay categories.

Salaries are paid out in 13 monthly installments, with the 13th monthly salary being due in December or the month in which the professor leaves the University (pro rata entitlement). They are generally paid on the 25th of the calendar month.

Salary system

The salary regulations define 29 pay categories, 29 pay levels, and two preliminary levels for classifying a position. Whereas the pay category relates to the position itself, the pay level reflects the individual's scientific qualifications.

The following classification guidelines (§ 22 PVO-UZH) apply to professorial positions:

Professorship category Pay category
Full professors
Full professors ad personam
Associate professors
Associate professors ad personam
Assistant professors
(tenure-track and non-tenure-track)
Externally funded assistant professors
including SNSF Eccellenza professors

Salary development

Individual salaries develop on the basis of personal achievement and in line with the promotion rate, which is set by the Government Council each year. The promotion rate depends on the Canton of Zurich's financial budget and is communicated to the faculties by the Executive Board of the University. In addition, a cost-of-living allowance may be paid. The decision on this is also taken annually by the Government Council.


Allowances and benefits may also be paid in addition to the salary, such as:

  • Family and education allowances
  • Function-based allowances (directorate, dean's office, office of the vice president allowances, etc.)


Each month, statutory deductions are applied to the gross salary for social insurance contributions, which the employer UZH pays in equal parts together with the employee. This does not include contributions to the pension fund, 2/5 of which are paid by the employee and 3/5 of which are paid by UZH.

Added to this are individual deductions, which are borne in full by the employee. Deductions for Lunch Checks, half of which are paid by UZH, are excluded from this.

The monthly payslip does not list the contributions for work-related accident insurance as these are assumed in full by UZH.

Monthly deductions – social insurance contributions

Monthly deductions are applied to salaries for the following types of social insurance:

  • Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance, Disability Insurance and Income Compensation (AHV/IV/EO)
  • Unemployment Insurance (ALV)
  • Non-Work-Related Accident Insurance (NBU)
  • Retirement provision (BVK or VSAO pension funds)

Individual deductions

  • Voluntary top-up insurance for accidents (FEV, private cover for medical costs)
  • Lunch Checks
  • Parking fees
  • Solidary Fund for Foreign Students
  • Withholding tax (e.g. for cross-border commuters)